Having the background as a professional musician, Alex understands the needs of professional players, and is dedicated to meeting their most demanding needs. Over the years, he has spent countless hours developing and perfecting the traditional methods of restoration and violin making. Alex Bacelar has devoted himself to the development of a unique and superior method for the tuning of instrument plates that enhances the tonal quality and projection of instruments. His work has earned him international recognition for the excellent craftsmanship and the superior acoustical results he gets on every instrument he works on.

Since the mid 80s, our shop has provided a comprehensive repair service for both instruments and bows. Alejandro Bacelar has undertaken many challenging major restorations on rare Italian instruments. Major symphony performers in the United States and abroad have called upon Mr. Bacelar's services, entrusting him with complex and difficult restorations of their rare fine instruments. They regularly come to him for sound adjustment, repair and restoration. He applies the same uncompromising standard of craftsmanship and his unique expertise in acoustic tuning, which satisfies the most demanding professional musicians, to every instrument, modern or rare, under his care. For quality control, Mr. Bacelar personally works on each instrument brought to our shop for service.