We carry fine, old, Italian violins, violas, and cellos, as well as old instruments by English, French, and German makers. All of our instruments, old or modern, are carefully selected and meticulously set up. All old instruments are fully restored and are in excellent condition. We have a large selection of old and new instruments and bows. Alejandro Bacelar personally works on each instrument or bow that is for sale to assure the structural soundness and acoustic quality of each instrument.

Our exclusive line of Bacelar String Instruments violins, violas, and cellos are new instruments made according to the measurement specifications and models of fine instruments. They are acquired in the United States. Each of these instruments goes through a stringent selection process, hand picked by Alejandro Bacelar from many hundreds of instruments. Alejandro Bacelar does the acoustic work and set up on these instruments, the same type of work he does on a fine rare instrument. They are high quality, professional sounding instruments for advanced students and serious musicians. These instruments are the best values in the market and are played by students as well as professionals.

Alejandro is also a bow maker and has made many bows that are played by musicians and students across the country. Other than the bows he makes, we also provide bows by famous old masters as well as modern makers.

All of the instruments and bows for sale are in excellent condition. Whether you are looking for an instrument with brilliant tone, great projection and power, or an instrument with warm tone and rich sound quality, we have a large selection for you to choose from. 


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